Americano and the Rare Character team dove into some deep whiskey history to find original Fortuna bottles and collateral pieces so we could do justice to a brand that was once so loved. Taking note of every design detail, Americano worked with label printers to create an ornate foiled and embossed label that stands out miles away on a bar; even in comparison to other old-style whiskey labels.

Americano also worked with typographers to recreate two custom fonts specifically for Fortuna based on the original fonts used in the 1800s; back when fonts were a book of stickers where each letter had to be placed by hand or drawn individually.

Fortuna truly is a revived brand with respect and homage to the original.

Patrick Moran is a multi-disciplinary designer living and working in New York City. His work lays mainly in the world of Branding & Marketing Design. ︎