Notable press includes; Vogue, Vogue France, Vogue Italy, Vogue UK, Vogue Germany, Hypebeast, GQ, GQ Germany, Hypebae, Architectural Digest, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazzar, New York Times, Conde Nast, Financial Times UK, WWD, High Snobiety, Esquire

**More provided upon request**

WWD: Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh @ Assouline 🎈

WWD: Valentino Ross @ Assouline 👠 

Hypebeast: Louis Vuitton: Virigl Abloh @ Assouline 🎈

Hypebeast: Paris Saint-Germain Book @ Assouline ⚽️

Hypebae: Pop-art Style @ Assouline 🎨

Architectural Digest: Monte Carlo @ Assouline 🎲🎲

Vogue: Yves Saint Laurent @ Assouline 🎩

High Snobiety: Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh @ Assouline 🎈

Patrick Moran is a multi-disciplinary designer living and working in New York City. His work lays mainly in the world of Branding & Marketing Design. ︎